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Frequently Asked Questions about Epoxy

Where can I buy your epoxy?

Is WiseBond™ epoxy clear?

How Much Epoxy Do I need?

Is Epoxy Food Safe?

How do I become a dealer?

I'm doing a project with multiple pours, how long should I wait before doing the second pour?

How thick can I pour epoxy?

Why hasn’t my thick pour cured yet? It’s been 24 hours and it’s still tacky

How can I get crystal clear deep pours and avoid micro bubbles?

Do I have to seal the surface first before I flood coat?

How much heat can cured epoxy take?

Is epoxy fire proof?

Do you offer a matte finish or is all of your epoxy glossy?

Can I color the DEEP Pour and Table Top WiseBond™ epoxy?

Do you ship outside of the US?

What surfaces can I use your Bar & Table Top Epoxy with?

I need a large amount of epoxy for a big project, can you help?

Is your product UV stable?

Where can I get more information about pouring epoxy?

Is epoxy measured by weight or volume?

What is the shelf life of your epoxy?

Do you offer samples?



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