Track Saw Pro-Series 12'Combo Kit

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Need to easily handle longer straight line rips? This 12 ft. circular saw guide rail system includes everything you need to convert your circular saw! Easily cut long wood slabs for giant river tables, crosscut sheets of plywood, single or multiple boards at once, cut beveled wood edges, or trim long boards for face frames or filler strips.

Features 153 inches of TrueTrac guide rail with a full 144 inch cutting capacity to easily break down over-sized sheet goods or preform straight line ripping or tapers on dimensional lumber, including rough sawn or reclaimed boards, up to 12' long.

Expand by adding a 24", 48", or 57" extension: Pro-Series Track Extension Kit

We also offer these sizes: Pro-Series 4' Track Saw Starter Kit and Pro-Series 8' Track Saw Combo Kit

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12ft Track Saw Kit Includes:

  • One (1) 57 inch track
  • Two (2) 48 inch tracks
  • Two (2) 57 inch length anti-chip strips, installed on track
  • Four (4) 48 inch length anti-chip strips, installed on track
  • One (1) Universal Saw Adapter Plate
  • One (1) Hardware packet (6 bolts, 6 nuts, L-shaped hex wrench)
  • One (1) Setup Jig
  • Four (4) dovetail connectors, with setscrews installed
  • One (1) Zero Clearance Block
  • Hard copy of installation instructions

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