Digital Humidity Thermometer - Hygrometer

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This easy to use mini digital humidity thermometer allows anyone to properly measure their environment for an epoxy pour and cure.

Suggested humidity levels should be below 85%, ideally between 50-60%, throughout the full cure cycle, and the suggested temperature range for curing epoxy is between 70-80F.

The temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit with a humidity range of 10-99%  RH (relative humidity).

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  • Tool has a humidity measurement accuracy of +/-5% and a humidity sampling period of 5 seconds.
  • 7.4 x 2.05 x 1.3 inches.
  • Two LR44 batteries required (included with purchase).
  • Be sure to have a properly working A/C system blowing into the workplace to help control humidity.
  • Always have fans blowing near your project throughout the cure.
  • Avoid bringing in outside air as much as possible by keeping doors and windows closed.
  • To reduce humidity, you can cool the room down. However, that could lead to a longer cure time.