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RAMPA® inserts and screw bolts attach table legs, stiffening C-Channel, mounting points, table bases and more with the advantage of steel threads. Inserts streamline attaching legs to hardwood epoxy river table slabs and seamless for a wide range of other mounting such stiffening channel, mounting points, table bases and more.

These inserts are favored by the live-edge/ wood slab woodworking community as it is the easiest insert to use and provides perfectly straight installation every time. Besides wood installation. inserts are suitable for a wide range of substrates such as soft woods, plywood, chipboard, HPDM, and MDF board.

Patented RAMPA® technology of 3 external cutting threads combined with an unthreaded lead, aids in straighter tilt-free installations providing easier and consistent assembly. M6 Inserts come with a sealing collar, hex drive, tilt protection and speed-up of assembling.

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