WiseBond® Bar & Table Top 1:1 Ratio

Product will work well with wood, glass, ceramic, stone, cement, electronic parts and most metals. Do not use over an oil-based stain.


Use: WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy is a 1:1 ratio epoxy system allowing for 1/8¨ flood coats on tables, countertops, bar tops, jewelery and art projects. The perfect resin for using with mica powder, alcohol ink, resin dyes and resin tints to create faux finishes! Low heat, VOC free, and Low odor makes this product perfect for the professional, DIYers, artists, the everyday woodworker, or hobbyist.

Before Combining: Resin-A and Hardener-B liquid temp should be between 70°F and 85°F before mixing. Work space air temp should be no warmer than 85°F, free of dirt and dust. Avoid working in high humidity. If the A and B are cooler than 70°F, warm the closed containers in hot tap water. If crystals are present in A or B, place the closed containers in 120°F tap water until crystals dissolve. Let containers cool. ONLY use A and B when liquid temp 85°F or under to prevent premature curing. 

Level Surface & Cleaning: We recommend using and applying this product on a leveled and flat work surface. Do not use a tack cloth to clean the surface. Tack clothes can leave fibers behind. Thoroughly wipe and clean the surface before a pour with acetone and wipe dry with shop towels.

Mixing: Thorough mixing is very important! Use a clear mixing bucket with exact mix ratios printed on the side! Measure 1 part Resin-A to 1 part Hardener-B and mix thoroughly for 3 minutes with a paint stick or paddle mixer attached to a drill until swirls and tails disappear. Pour mixed epoxy into a second clean mixing container and mix for 1 minute. This ensures no unmixed A or B contaminates the final pour. If more than 1 kit is needed, measure and mix multiple 1:1 batches; combine and mix each batch together to create a homogeneous blend before final pour. Add colorants if applicable when epoxy is completely mixed. Work space should be dirt and dust free.

CAUTION: Avoid mixing too fast which will whip air bubbles into the mixture!

Please read: The Importance of Mixing Epoxy Correctly

Coverage: Flood coat coverage is 12 sq.ft. at 1/8" thick per combined gallon. Use thin pours of no more than 1/4 inch.

Seal Coat: In order to prevent air from escaping out of the surface material the epoxy will be applied to, a seal coat is a must prior to a final flood coat. Use either the WiseBond® Bar & Table Top epoxy (seal coat cures in 18-24 hrs) or the WiseBond® Quick Set Seal (seal coat cures in 2-3 hours). Apply the seal coat epoxy as a thin layer with a smooth plastic spreader/scraper over the entire surface that will later have a flood coat of clear epoxy or a faux finish applied. 2-3 multiple seal coats may be needed depending on porosity of the wood, countertop or bar top material. Sand with 220 grit between coats for leveling if needed. Sides and edges of the material should also be sealed to prevent air escaping.

Pot-Life: Product in a mixing container may last 15-20 minutes before beginning to gel. Product a mixing container may heat up after 15-20 minutes. Follow all safety instructions listed.

Work Time: Prior to product beginning to gel, work time may be as long as 30 minutes as a thin layer depending on air temp, width, length and overall epoxy surface area. Do not breathe in vapors.

Flood Coats:

Apply flood coat using a 1/4¨ notched plastic trowel to spread evenly. Flood coat coverage is 12 sq.ft. at 1/8" thick per combined gallon. Use thin pours of no more than 1/4 inch. Pour the mixed resin onto the surface and distribute evenly with a 1/4¨ notched plastic trowel or gloved hand. Apply epoxy to wet the edges and sides of the material surface before pushing epoxy over the edges. This ensures a smooth epoxy flow. Continue to pour remaining material to achieve the desired thickness, allowing the resin to flow evenly over the project’s sides. Remove bubbles from mixing with a propane torch as needed up to 2 hours after final pour.

Casting and Molds: While using Bar & Table Top Epoxy in castings, jewelery molds, or other molds, use thin pours of no more than 1/4 inch.

Thin film Set Time: 4 to 8 Hours depending on thickness and ambient room temperature.

Cure Time:

Hard cure will take 72 hours depending on air temp, pour depth, width, length and overall epoxy mass. Sanding and shaping can be done after this time. Wait 7 days for light use. Product will continue to harden up to 30 days for a full hard cure.

Additional layers: Additional flood coats to add thickness may be poured after 12-24 hours of cure. If longer than 24 hours have elapsed between pours, scuff hardened epoxy surface with 220 grit sand paper to ensure adhesion between epoxy layers.

Amine Blush: If epoxy cures in contact with moisture, a greasy or waxy white film is produced on the surface of the cured epoxy. It’s usually more noticeable in cool, moist conditions. Blush will also prevent urethanes and further coats of epoxy from bonding effectively. Blush is water-soluble and is simple to clean away. Use a hand-held spray container with warm soapy water and a Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge. Spray the affected surface, scrub thoroughly and wipe dry with paper towels.

Dimples: Dimples are contaminants, an unclean surface (finger print), or improper mixing of the 1:1 ratio. Sometimes dimples appear because the flood coat is too thin.

Clean Up: Uncured epoxy can be cleaned up with acetone. Cured epoxy can only be removed by abrasives.

Shelf Life: Unopened product is best used within 1 year. Store in shipping box and out of direct sunlight to prevent yellowing.

Food Safe: FDA Food Safe Compliant (CFR 175.300 - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21). WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy is VOC-Free. We do not have FDA approval certifying direct, long-term contact with food, however once epoxy is fully cured for 30 days, it is an inert plastic and should be fine for incidental exposure to food. It is not antimicrobial. Epoxy is not safe to ingest (liquid or cured). Do not cut on or prepare raw food on epoxy surfaces.

Warranty: The warranty of this product shall be limited to the replacement of defective unused material, within one (1) year of purchase. This material is for professional use, using adequate ventilation and protection from eye and skin exposure. Any information supplied with this material is given in good faith but should be verified by the end user, as to the suitability of the material for their application.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Always wear protective gear when using this product! Respiratory protection. Eye protection. Hand protection. Foot protection. Head protection. Skin protection.

Here are the finer points of what you need to do:

  • Once the deep pour river is poured, let it cure 72 hours.
  • When cured, break out of the mold to sand and shape the table.
  • The top and bottom will not be level. Use a router sled or belt sander to level and smooth. 40-60 grit sandpaper.
  • Some lumber yards and cabinet makers have wide-belt sanders you might be able to hire to flatten the table easier.
  • Likewise, you will want to use a table saw to square the table sides. You can also round over the top edges if you want here.
  • Once rough sanded, sand up to 320 grit to smooth the entire table surface, sides and bottom.
  • Before the table top flood coat, seal the wood so air doesn't escape during the flood coat.
  • Use our Table Top epoxy (24 hr cure) or our Quick Set epoxy (3 hr cure) as a seal coat.
  • Seal coats are a thin skim coat. You might need multiple seal coats depending on the porosity of the wood.
  • Once sealed, place blue painter's tape along the underside of the table all around the edges.
  • This will help remove the drips of table top epoxy after the flood coat. This eliminates lots of sanding.
  • Mix table top according to the 1:1 directions in a clear mixing bucket with proper 1:1 measurements.
  • Pour 1/2 to 3/4 of the mixed epoxy in the center of the table and spread with a 1/4" notched trowel.
  • We have trowels for sale on our website.
  • Wet the sides and edges of the table with epoxy and a gloved hand to allow the flood coat to flow over evenly.
  • Pour the remaining epoxy on the table and push epoxy over the edges all around the table.
  • At the 24 hour mark you can try to peel off the blue tape underneath.
  • Allow to cure for 72 hours before handling. Again here, you can carefully flip the table and remove the blue tape.
  • Use soft blankets to rest the table on as to not mar the new epoxy flood coat.
  • 7 days of cure is good for light use. 30 days will be a full hard cure.
  • NOTE: All epoxy will scratch. Use coasters for cups and glasses and hot pads for hot cooked items.

If you have any questions at all about our products, please send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to help you!