Bulk pricing and large scale purchasing 

WiseBond™ has the perfect solution to help cut costs when it comes to massive epoxy purchasing. Get lower prices on project materials with minimum purchasing.

Bulk pricing is based on a 20% discount off retail of 15 epoxy kits or more. Choose from EITHER our WiseBond™ 2" Deep Pour™ or WiseBond™ Bar & Table Top Epoxy.

Below is a breakdown of your ​bulk ​costs, not including freight to your location.

WiseBond™ 2" Deep Pour™ Epoxy 2:1 Ratio, 1.5-Gallon Kit
1-gallon resin and .5-gallon hardener
BULK: $116.00 per kit
15 kit minimum

WiseBond™ Bar & Table Top Epoxy 1:1 Ratio, 1-Gallon Kit
.5-gallon resin and .5-gallon hardener 
BULK: $72.00 per kit
15 kit minimum

Powdered colorants, tools and accessories can also be ordered in bulk. Ask your sales representative for details and minimums. 

For ordering, call 866-427-2547 or email rkabel@wisebond.com.




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