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The WiseBond™ Epoxy Blog

  • Is Epoxy Food Safe?

    The question when asked, is communicated as food touching a cured and hardened epoxy surface, right? However there are too many variables and for-instances where any food could come in contact with hard cured epoxy.

    For instance, would you eat scrambled eggs off an epoxy surface? Yuk. How about making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich where the bread touches the epoxy? Maybe. Would you cut raw meat on epoxy? Nope!

  • Exotherm, Pot Life and Gel Time

    The chemical cross-linking between mixed epoxy resin and hardener molecules as it cures will generate heat. This heat is called the exothermic reaction. Pot Life is the time you have after mixing epoxy to the relative time you have to pour the epoxy. Gel Time is the heating of epoxy and observing when it starts to become stringy, or gel-like, though not quite fully cured.