Looking for an American Made Epoxy Line?

Do you own or manage a retail business specializing in custom wood river tables, hardwood slabs, counter tops, or wooden furniture utilizing epoxy? Are you are a woodworker, lumber yard or in the business of selling lumber for custom furniture incorporating epoxy?

As a business owner, you are searching for unique ways to either educate or supply your customers with high quality products that you have faith in. As a WiseBond® Epoxy Dealer you can now offer your local woodworking customers a Made in the USA epoxy with a trusted name. You will receive wholesale discounts on our epoxies and colorants including extensive support from us to build your own epoxy resin business without a high franchise cost.

WiseBond® Epoxy has UV resistance, zero VOC, odorless and are easy to use, with professional and hobbyist friendly components that provide a high quality result. These specially formulated river table and table top epoxy kits can be used with our WiseColor™ powdered colorants that can be incorporated to create special color effects your customers are asking for.

To become a WiseBond® Epoxy Dealer you will not be asked to pay the typical $25,000+ fee that other epoxy brands charge. There are no ongoing consulting fees and we make this a minimal initial cost so that this epoxy Dealer program is as accessible as possible. Our distributors are given the tools to independently create new relationships with their local epoxy woodworking customers so they can make a living doing what they are passionate about.

Every Dealer will be backed by our team of resin experts and table builders. You will be helped with product questions, technical aspects, and business strategies.

All we ask is that your epoxy sales be limited to your own local brick and mortar store front and on your personally owned business website.

NOTE: We do not allow our Dealers to sell WiseBond® Epoxy or colorants on Amazon, ebay, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Houzz, Etsy, or other large retail outlets and auctions. Any and all violations will result in immediate cancellation of your Authorized WiseBond® Dealer Account.

To receive complete information on how your business can become a WiseBond dealer, fill out the form below. Once we receive your information, a WiseBond® Epoxy representative will reach out to you to guide you on your way.