WiseBond® DEEP POUR Epoxy WiseBond® DEEP POUR Epoxy

2-4" DEEP POUR Epoxy
Thick Casting Deep Pour Epoxy Resin - 2:1 Ratio

Suggested Pour Thickness: 1/2" up to 2+" Epoxy Rivers; up to 8"x8"x8" cubes/blocks. 

Our WiseBond® Deep Pour Epoxy is a premium commercial grade casting epoxy resin for woodworkers and artisans.

River tables can easily be poured with just ONE single pour up to 2¨ of depth of clear or tinted liquid epoxy resin; and if the epoxy cure is managed well, even THICKER up to 3 and even 4-inch depths!

Create dazzling thick epoxy casting molds with embedded objects, shell casings, photos, flowers, or memorabilia using our crystal-clear deep pour resin. We guarantee amazing results for your project outcome that resemble clear liquid glass! Amazing!

Our super clear deep casting epoxy cures to a crystal-clear appearance or can be tinted with our powdered or liquid pigment colorants.

What’s even more awesome is that you will have no more tedious table top ¼” epoxy layering! No need to wait hours for it to cure enough to add another epoxy layer. When using our deep casting epoxy that is specially formulated for the resin world, it saves you money, time, and effort!

Deep Pour comes in 3 easy sizes, bulk, and 55-gallon drums to fit everyone’s casting needs!


DEEP POUR River Table Epoxy
UV Resistant Epoxy
2:1 Ratio Epoxy
Made in the USA

That’s why we make our epoxy stronger and more durable than other brands on the market! Make no mistake, choosing WiseBond® Deep Pour casting resin is the best decision you will make for your epoxy resin project!

Just imagine what a breeze it will be with a single epoxy pour of 2 inches thick for your live edge wood river table. How about casting resin objects in 8” square cubes for an epoxy diorama or embedded wedding flowers in thick pour epoxy!

It is a high performance commercial grade epoxy resin designed for a 72 hour cure time with a slow exothermic heat buildup and cool down to eliminate cracking and shrinkage.

Darn right fabulous, we say!

NOTE: Pouring thick relies heavily on optimal air temperature, humidity, and proper epoxy mixing ratios. For thicker river table pours over 2”, additional pours are recommended.
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