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Refer your followers! Earn a 10% cash commission!

If you are an artist, creative studio, designer, wood worker, with your own personal or business social media platform, the affiliate program is for you. We are seeking influencers to partner with us in creating unique and informative content while promoting our line of epoxy and epoxy colorants.

WiseBond's Affiliate Program allows content creators and influencers to earn a 10% cash commission on sales generated from their social media posts. When you sign up, you will create a personal unique discount code. Post that code so your social media friends and followers can use it for a 10% discount on any product on You can even tell people what the code is and they can get a discount from you!

Go drop your code in Facebook comments, groups, on the forums and message boards, on Instagram, in YouTube comments, on Snapchat. Send an email, make a Tik-Tok, it's up to you! 

As an Affiliate, you will receive your own Affiliate Dashboard login which will automatically track all sales you generate, as well as access to custom affiliate resources, and live progress monitoring as your affiliate commissions roll in.

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Getting started only takes a few minutes by following these steps. Get started today!

  • Fill out the form completely below.
  • Share your special link however you want
  • When people click your link, they will be brought to where...
  • We'll pay you 10% of your referrals purchases with a cash check!

Is there a cap on earnings? No way, and we aren't planning on our referral program ending any time soon. This could turn into some of the easiest money you've ever made! 

*Referral program only applies to purchases made on Purchases from third party sites do not qualify. We do ask that you please be respectful to the owner of a comment/post you post your code on. Please do be sure to be respectful to other Affiliates and not over post your codes on comments already with a code for WiseBond discount.

Please read our code of conduct and fill out the form below to start the process:

Affiliate Code of conduct

The aim of this Code of Conduct is to enable Affiliate members to demonstrate their commitment to providing the highest principles of professionalism, integrity, fair practice and ethics when representing WiseBond® products. It is designed to enhance the operation, image and reputation of the Affiliate members and WiseBond® products.


1.1. Affiliate members shall at all times act in the best interests of WiseBond® and will not act in a way likely to bring WiseBond® into disrepute.

1.2. Affiliate members’ conduct is to be regulated in accordance with this Code of Conduct and support is offered to all Affiliate members in order to achieve compliance with these standards.

1.3 Affiliate members will ensure that they comply with all relevant legislation relating to their business, including but not limited to legislation relating to equal opportunities, health and safety, taxation, data protection, competition and telecommunications privacy. 

1.4 This Code of Conduct is not legally binding but represents good practice by WiseBond® Affiliate members and is promoted on that basis. WiseBond® Affiliate members are free to operate in their own commercial interests; this code does not support or promote any anti-competitive activity and should not be construed as doing so.


2.1 “Strategic behavior” is not allowed. WiseBond® defines Strategic behavior as when: An Affiliate creates a customer account on the WiseBond® website by knowingly using other family members names/contact info, friends names/contact info, or the use of fake or false customer names/contact info; and then places an order on using their own Affiliate discount code or referral link, to earn an Affiliate commission. The discretion of WiseBond® will be used when determining what is judged as “Strategic Behavior” and may terminate the offending Affiliate at any time for violation of this rule without notice.

2.2. Affiliate members will act honestly on behalf of WiseBond® in all dealings with social media, friends, family, the public at large, clients, and competitors.

2.3. Affiliate members shall not knowingly make a false or inaccurate statement, mislead or otherwise allow those with whom it deals to operate with a false impression of anything relating to the business between the affiliate member and that of another party. 


3.1 Affiliate members shall champion equality and diversity and shall not discriminate against anyone with whom they come into contact. Affiliate members shall adhere to all aspects of applicable human rights, and equality.

3.2 Affiliate members will treat others with dignity and respect and should establish practices that safeguard against unlawful or unethical discrimination in the operation of their Affiliate membership.




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