Solutions for your Deep Pour and Table Top Epoxy Projects Solutions for your Deep Pour and Table Top Epoxy Projects

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Explore the ultimate Food Safe epoxy solutions with WiseBond® Deep Pour and Table Top Epoxy Kits. Whether you’re crafting intricate river tables, encapsulating objects, or creating high-gloss finishes, our epoxy kits deliver exceptional clarity, durability, and ease of use.

WiseBond® Deep Pour Epoxy Kits are engineered for projects requiring 2-4 inch pours, offering unmatched depth and crystal-clear results. Ideal for large-scale applications, such as river tables and deep casting, this epoxy provides unparalleled resistance to yellowing and a flawless finish free from bubbles and imperfections.

WiseBond® Table Top Epoxy Kits are designed for achieving a stunning, ultra-gloss finish on surfaces like countertops, bars, and tables. This epoxy self-levels to create a mirror-like surface that is not only beautiful but also durable, resistant to scratches, and food-safe once cured.

All of our epoxy kits are proudly made in the USA, ensuring top quality and performance. Create your masterpiece with WiseBond’s high-quality epoxy solutions.



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