LemonbabyOpaque Epoxy Pigment

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Lemon baby reminds us of childhood lemon drop candy. It is the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring. Lurking in the background is the dark side of yellow: cowardice, betrayal, egoism, and madness.

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1 fl oz (28ml) container.

Easily dispense the perfect amount of color for a solid epoxy resin application. Create any unique color you can think of! Apply WiseDye™ epoxy liquid solid pigment mixed in epoxy to any hard surface, including glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather, resin, polymer clay and more. Looking for a little more pizzazz? Add a WiseColor™ powder colorant to your epoxy resin to create a shimmer and sparkling effect with even more depth.

WiseNeon™ powders are mixed directly into epoxy resin. For best results, be sure the colorant powder should be free of clumps prior to mixing. Please be aware that epoxy depth, powder concentration, lighting conditions, and many other factors have a large effect on how these colors appear in the final project.



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