WiseBond® 2 Inch Brand Comparison Challenge

Do you believe your preferred epoxy deep pour brand is the best?
How confident are you?

Take the WiseBond 2-Inch Deep Pour Challenge and share with us the distinctive features, exceptional qualities, or unique advantages that make your chosen brand stand out in a side-by-side shootout!

Let’s be honest, it's about unparalleled clarity, impressive color, bubble release, and shrinkage. Does your brand stand up?

Join the conversation and let us see your results and let us know why you believe your epoxy brand takes the lead. Your firsthand experiences and preferences contribute to a vibrant community of epoxy enthusiasts, helping others make informed decisions for their next exciting epoxy project.

We are so confident WiseBond Deep Pour will out perform any brand on the market, that we will send you a 3/4-Gal kit of our Deep Pour and 2 casting trays.

Challenge Rules:

1. Mix 96 ounces of your deep pour epoxy and the supplied WiseBond Deep Pour epoxy.

2. Pour each one into the supplied casting trays up to the 2" marked level. Now wait the 72 hours needed for Deep Pour epoxy to cure.

3. Once both epoxy brands are cured hard, flip over the trays and take out the 12"x12"x2" epoxy casting.

Now compare these features of both castings:

  • Overall Clarity
  • Color ("Water-like" or amber?)
  • Bubble Release (Micro bubbles throughout?)
  • Shrinkage (Look at the corners of the castings)

Now, show us your 2 inches!

Send us images of your results and we will send you an awesome gift! Email to info@wisebond.com and attach your images. Be sure to include your name and contact info.



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