"Sea" Fluorescent Neon Powder - 5g

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Take a trip to the vast open waters with this true blue pigment powder. The fluorescent glow is perfect for any river table that you want to have that extra wow factor.

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NOTE: Purchasers should always test and evaluate how any epoxy colorant looks prior to a final mixing for a project. It is up to you to determine suitability of such products for their particular use.

WiseNeon™ fluorescent epoxy colorants are stirred directly into pre-mixed (A&B) liquid epoxy resin. For best results, be sure the colorant powder is free of clumps prior to mixing into epoxy resin. If powder clumps occur when mixed into epoxy, continue to stir until dissolved completely. Deep Pour verses Table Top epoxy resin “pot life” timing will need to be accounted for.

Be aware that epoxy depth, powder concentration, lighting conditions, and other factors play a large roll in how these powdered resin colorants appear in the final project.



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