1 Gallon Helix Epoxy Paddle Mixer

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Reduce epoxy mixing time with our 1-gallon epoxy mixer. Perfect for mixing epoxy colorants as the blades create a unique "vortex" that blends viscous material such as epoxy seamlessly! You will be amazed at color distribution and this mixer flawlessly distributes mica powders, or liquid epoxy pigments.

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Our 1 Gal. Helix Paint Mixer provides a 1/4 in. hex shaft that will attach to most power drills. These specially designed blades to reach the bottom edges of the mixing container for fast, thorough mixing and cleans easily.

Fast mixing incorporating helix-like mixing action
Fits most 3/8 in. and larger power drills
Efficient blade shapes designed to reach bottom edges of container for effectively
Polypropylene mixer blades for durability
Mixing container will not be damaged by blades
Easy to clean with acetone or alcohol or let epoxy dry on blades
Ideal for 1 gal. or 2 gal. mixing buckets
Pour epoxy to be mixed in an enclosed area to avoid splatters on walls and clothing



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