Self-Releasing Epoxy Tape

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This extra wide 2.83” WiseBond® Epoxy Release Tape quickly covers epoxy frames saving time and money. The tape is designed specifically for use as a non-stick barrier release agent to make removing cured epoxy easy. This strong, smooth, and non-stretch tape sticks to most materials when building river tables and epoxy project molds.

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Epoxy Release Tape is very strong, and non-stretch, making it incredibly useful for a wide range of epoxy resin applications. The surface of the tape is extremely smooth making it totally non-stick when epoxy is poured over it. The underside adhesive side sticks tightly to surfaces.

The tape is supplied on a 164 ft. (50m) roll.

Resin Barrier Release Tape Recommended Uses

There are many ways to use this tape with your WiseBond™ epoxy. The tape can be used on small projects as the resin barrier itself or for larger projects the epoxy release tape can be applied as strips to make a non-stick surface.


  • Seal plastic barriers
  • Apply to baseboard sheet material
  • Seal holes or cracks before an epoxy pour
  • Wrap around wood to create a barrier


  • Very strong - will not stretch or sag
  • Self-release – WiseBond™ will not stick
  • Medium tack - sticks to most materials
  • Glossy surface leaves a smooth finish



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