Recycled Plastic Epoxy Stir Stick ♻

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This recycled plastic mixing stick curved in a distinctive "S" shape provides rigidity and allows more thorough mixing of your epoxy. Holes on each end allow extra agitation and increase mixing speed.


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This mixing paddle works and makes it easy to mix epoxy A-side and B-side. Its durable, easy to clean with acetone, and should last for multiple mixings.

Use stick to stir epoxy thoroughly, making sure to scrape the sides of your container to remove any epoxy that may be clinging to the surface.

  • Length: 7-7/8"
  • Width: 5/8"
  • Material: Recycled Plastic
  • Color: Blue
  • Alternative to wood stir stick
  • Holes provide better agitation
  • Quickly and easily stirs epoxy



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