Epoxy Spreader "WiseNotch"

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The Perfect Table Top Epoxy Spreader!

The WiseNotch™ 7" x 4" notched spreader/scraper is what we use to gauge the correct thickness of epoxy for tables and countertops. It comes with notches in sizes of 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and a straight edge.

Not all epoxy spreaders are created equal. In fact, that 4x4 inch notched spreader most people use… well, it’s not spreading the correct amount of epoxy for flood coats. We designed this spreader specifically for the table and countertop epoxy world with our customers in mind.

We do not offer samples of our products. Why not?

This epoxy spreader has true 1/16, 1/8- and 1/4-inch notches of different depths making it easier to spread table top resin at different depths. As you spread the resin, the notches allow a 50/50 flow of epoxy and air which allows the epoxy to self-level at your preferred depth. These precision V-shaped polymer notches prevent the spreader from pushing too much epoxy away and will not scratch the surface like metal spreaders do.

The WiseNotch™ epoxy spreader is simple and reusable, perfect for spreading WiseBond® epoxy resin. The extra wide 7-inch width of the spreader offers a larger span to spread epoxy more efficiently. The top edge of the WiseNotch™ epoxy spreader has a flat edge for flash coat spreading and seal coat applications where a thin layer is needed.

Custom molded in the USA, this spreader is made from rigid polymer plastic that easily bends to crack and release hardened epoxy. Simply flex the spreader and the cured epoxy peels away for multiple uses.

WiseNotch™ Spreader Advantages

  • Flexible
  • Re-usable
  • Easy to use
  • Non-stick (cured resin can be snapped off)
  • Different gauge notches for different resin depths
  • Made in the USA