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Everyone loves to walk into a garage or room and be “wowed” by it's unique design. Plus, you've got a cool car, right? Epoxy Flakes on your garage floor will add pizzaz to the entire room while creating a powerful look that can’t be duplicated. The WiseBond® Epoxy Flake Floor coating systems provide an immense level of durability making them ideal for garage floor coatings.

How about a drabby old concrete garage floor that needs a helping hand to make it into the mancave of your dreams! Epoxy flaked floor man caves can be easily customized to fit your style with a little planning and reorginization.

Whether you have a garage or basement, you can create a man cave that is as unique as you are. Installing these types of spaces into a personalized man cave is actually quite easy! Kits are designed to go right over your existing interior concrete floor.

If you are DIY do it yourselfer this is a project you can easily accomplish in a weekend for a beautiful, customized, high wear finish. Floor epoxy goes on nearly as easily as paint!

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WiseFloor™ Epoxy Flake Floor Resin System
Floor epoxy kits with flake chips for concrete floors

Each flake floor kit includes: A pre-tinted water-based two- component epoxy, color flakes, and a protective top coat for a long term floor system designed specifically for applications over concrete floors. Kits have more than enough product for a 100% flake coverage. 

Our 1/4" or Hybred flake floor epoxy kits are specially measured by square footage for car garages. Simply choose a pre-assembled kit to your liking and get the right amount of product for the size of your garage floor.

Blue Granite

The ease of installation with WiseBond® Epoxy Floor Flake Coating Kits for garage floor coatings provide a durable slip-resistant concrete coating.

These epoxy floor flake chip kits create a vibrant, seamless, resilient surface from plain garage gray concrete. Although the epoxy flooring system is simple both in composition and installation, it yields an exceptionally long-lasting floor.

Epoxy resin flakes are also known as decorative vinyl color chips, flakes or flick that are made from paint aggregates which enhance the aesthetic qualities of seamless, resin-based flake chip floor coatings. This incredibly unique floor resin product is random in shape, but sized within a standardized range and pre-blended into a rich variety of color choices.

Every epoxy flooring installation looks like a professional high-end floor coating!

Complete decorative flake flooring kits come with a pre-tinted water-based two- component epoxy, color flakes, and a protective top coat for a long term floor system designed specifically for applications over concrete floors. Concrete floor pre preperation instructions can be found here.

Every kit is an easy DIY roll-on epoxy flooring system that is very easy to install over concrete floors. With the proper surface preparation, transform almost any garage or man cave floor with one of our colorful Epoxy Flake Floor Kits. And just like all of our epoxy kits, WiseFloor™ Decorative Garage Floor Kits come with our step-by-step tutorials to guide you through every part of the process. Garage floor instructions can be found here.

Our Epoxy Flake Floor Kits are very affordable and are easily scalable from single car garages around 150-250 sq. ft. up to larger interior concrete surfaces up to 600 sq. ft.

NOTE: Depending on your garage floor, prep is essential to a long-lasting flake floor. Do you have stains, cracks, oil spills, moisture or an old garage floor coating? All of these will need to be completely removed prior to applying new epoxy flakes. Read more HERE to follow all of our suggested floor prep steps prior to application!

Each Epoxy Flake Flooring System kit includes enough flake material to broadcast over the rolled-on wet epoxy flooring to the point of rejection. Our easy installation method allows the installer to flake the wet epoxy to the point where the floor is 100% covered up by flakes. There are more than enough epoxy floor flakes included in every garage epoxy kit and that ratio is kept as the square-footage increases so every installation will look great, regardless of footage.

Once dry and cured, simply scrape off the loose flakes to create a uniform blanket of epoxy embedded flakes on the entire concrete floor. Apply your preferred gloss or satin urethane top coat and this results in a beautiful decorative epoxy floor coating that looks great every time.

UV Resistant Epoxy
2:1 Ratio Epoxy
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