WiseFloor Epoxy Flake Floor Resin System
Floor epoxy kits with flake chips for garage floors

Everyone loves to walk into a garage and be “wowed” by it's unique design. Plus, you've got cool cars, right? Epoxy Flakes on your garage floor will certainly give anyone that feeling! While creating a powerful look that can’t be duplicated. The WiseBond® epoxy flake floor coating systems provide an immense level of durability making them ideal for garage floor coatings.

Each WiseFloor Garage Flake Floor System is is a two- component, solvent free, 100% solids epoxy/amine system designed specifically for applications over concrete floors.

Each flake floor kit includes: A base coat, color flakes, and a protective top coat for long term upkeep. Our Flake Floor kits Epoxy floors are a seamless high-end look for garage floors. Our Epoxy Floor Kits are designed to go right over your existing interior concrete floors.

Our garage floor flake epoxy kits are specially measured by square footage for car garages and include concrete prep solution, base coat water based colored epoxy, color chips, and a clear top coat. With this epoxy resin flake floor coating kit, you can customize your coat color and chip colors to your preference and get the right amount of product for the size of your garage floor.

If you are DIY do it yourselfer and do not have all of the tools you might need for application, consider one of our Epoxy Application Kits for a collection of basic resin flake tools to make your job easier and more efficient. Floor epoxy goes on nearly as easily as paint, so our garage floor epoxy kits are ideal for the homeowner looking for an easy to apply floor coating with a beautiful, customized, high wear finish.

The ease of installation with WiseBond® Epoxy Floor Flake Coating Kits allow this system to be implemented not only by seasoned professional decorative contractors, but also homeowners and DIY weekend warriors. Epoxy resin floor flake chips for garage floor coatings provide a durable slip-resistant concrete coating.

These epoxy floor flake chip kits create a vibrant, seamless, resilient surface from plain garage gray concrete. Although the epoxy flooring system is simple both in composition and installation, it yields an exceptionally long-lasting floor.

Epoxy resin flakes are also known as decorative vinyl color chips, flakes or flick that are made from paint aggregates which enhance the aesthetic qualities of seamless, resin-based flake chip floor coatings. This incredibly unique floor resin product is random in shape, but sized within a standardized range and pre-blended into a rich variety of color choices.

NOTE: Depending on your garage floor, prep is essential to a long-lasting flake floor. Do you have stains, cracks, oil spills, moisture or an old garage floor coating? All of these will need to be completely removed prior to applying new epoxy flakes. Read more HERE to follow all of our suggested floor prep steps prior to application!
UV Resistant Epoxy
2:1 Ratio Epoxy
Made in the USA



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