Wood InsertRAMPA® M6 12 X 18mm

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The RAMPA® M6 SKD330 style insert is favored by the live-edge/ wood slab woodworking community as it is the easiest insert to use and provides perfectly straight installation every time while providing optimum holding (will not break or tear out).

RAMPA® M6 12 X 18mm inserts attach table legs, stiffening channel, mounting points, table bases and more with the advantage of steel threads. Inserts are perfect for epoxy and hardwoods and suitable for a wide range of substrates such as soft woods, plywood, chipboard, HPDM, and MDF board.



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Many woodworkers prefer the RAMPA® wood insert system as it gives them the ability to assemble legs on site, especially with the massive weights of wood and epoxy tables along with being able to better protect the surface during shipping including epoxy finishes.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Patented RAMPA® technology of 3 external cutting threads combined with an unthreaded lead, aids in straighter tilt-free installations providing easier and consistent assembly. M6 Inserts come with a sealing collar, hex drive, tilt protection and speed-up of assembling. An optimal retaining function works for the widest range of substrates and has 100% control of all functional dimensions including internal machine thread.

RAMPA® Installation Video:

RAMPA® hardware is German perfection technology and the majority is in metric measurements.

M6 12 X 18mm Insert Features:

  • D: 12mm (0.472 in.)
  • L: 18mm (0.708 in.)

Pilot hole depth ranges between 3/4” to 13/16” deep and are drilled with either brad-point 10mm drill bit or imperial 13/32” drill bit.

M6 inserts are internally threaded for Type KF M6 bolt/screws and are available in black 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm lengths.

These insert packs are available in quantities of 10 or 24 packs.

Insert Packs Include:

  • 10 or 24 M6 x 18mm Wood Inserts
  • 1 Allen key for tightening