Epoxy Resin Liner - 5 pack - for 5 Gallon Plastic Pails

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If you pour large amounts of epoxy creating beautiful works of art such as epoxy castings or river tables, you know the importance of keeping 5-gallon pails spotless clean. It’s next to impossible and purchasing a new bucket for each pour isn’t great for our landfills.


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Key benefits:

  • Reduces the time and expense of cleaning or replacing pail
  • Ideal for mixing epoxy resin and hardener including colorants
  • HDPE liners are known for strength and versatility
  • Frosted finish

The WiseBond epoxy liner is a rigid, durable, seamless, vacuum-formed insert for 5-gallon plastic buckets. This strong insert is molded from FDA-approved high-density polyethylene (HDPE). A contoured lip fits over the top bead of the bucket to prevent leakage between the insert and the pail wall.