Epoxy Syringe 44cc

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Large Plastic Syringe for Dispensing Epoxy

These epoxy syringes enable you to work quickly and efficiently. The WiseBond™ syringe is excellent for injecting epoxy into small cracks, crevasses, measuring out resin, or even extracting resin. This 44cc model has a straight tip so more epoxy is applied with pressure.

We do not offer samples of our products. Why not?

Simply mix epoxy and inject clear or colored epoxy in a very controlled manner into small inlay grooves, void or holes on a table.

Syringes include a snap on cap for no mess filling. Just pour the epoxy in the syringe barrel and insert the plunger. Or simply suck up epoxy from a mixing cup into the syringe.

Economically priced, they can be replaced the moment the epoxy is no longer easily workable. These syringes can also be cleaned with acetone and used again and again.

Note: syringe is for industrial use only.

Syringe Advantages

  • Easy to observe
  • Snap on cap for no mess filling
  • Range of applications
  • Made in the USA