Sea GlassLiquid Epoxy Pigment (Alcohol Ink)

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The most common source for this lovely shade of light green glass was most likely an old Coca Cola bottle made in various parts of the country. The bottle shades varied depending on the silica that was used, but the deep green-blue was iconic for many years.


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Specially formulated epoxy alcohol ink for use with epoxy, use these translucent WiseInk™ liquid pigments with our WiseBond® DEEP Pour™ or Bar & Table Top epoxy resin to create new and unique epoxy castings, river tables & counter tops.

Translucent epoxy alcohol inks can create many levels of color vibrancy. Add a lot, or a little, to achieve desired color for stunning epoxy art projects and epoxy wood furniture. Mix different liquid epoxy ink base colors to create new colors!

Just squeeze WiseInk™ tint into mixed epoxy resin and hardener until desired color is achieved and start stirring immediately for best results. For a hint of color use single drops, for more saturated color use multiple drops or even a hearty squirt. Always test before tinting any quantity of epoxy. Results will vary.

Depending on the thickness and volume of the intended epoxy pour, you may need multiple .05 oz. containers of ink to achieve the desired epoxy color depth and translucency.

NOTE: Tints produce varying degrees of transparency depending on concentrations.

  • 9 coordinating colors
  • .5 oz. bottles with precision tips
  • Acid free, dye inks

Only available for ground shipment to the lower 48 continental USA states.

Do not ingest. Wear proper PPE and read appropriate Data Sheets.

All brands of epoxy could react differently. Color to epoxy ratio is a suggestion and not a rule. It is suggested to test small batch for compatibility with your resin and WiseBond™ epoxy colorants before use on your project.

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*color values are approximate based on a 2" depth, we always recommend doing a test pour if color matching is vital to your project. Each WiseInk™ bottle holds 0.5oz of ink.
PLEASE NOTEColor example shown above is mixed with DEEP POUR epoxy. Some colors WILL change if used in Bar & Table Top and Quick Set Seal.
Prop 65 Warning: This product contains the following Proposition 65 chemical: Ethanol is only considered when it is ingested as an alcoholic beverage. This does not apply to this art material mixture. As of December 3, 2015, this product contains no listed substances known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm at levels which would require a warning under the statute.



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